Olbas Wellness Tea

Olbas Wellness Tea: Blend of 20 Soothing Herbs Supports Respiratory Health* Delightful Herbal Aroma and Taste Blend of 20 Soothing Herbs Instant, Excellent Hot or Iced ​Discover the delicious taste and healthful benefits of this Swiss herbal tea. Olbas Wellness tea is an aromatic and fragrant herbal blend of 20 soothing herbs, enhanced with pure […]

Olbas Herbal Bath

Olbas Herbal Bath: Soothes, Tingles & Invigorates​ Turn Your Tub or Shower Into a Swiss Spa Marvelously Relaxing After A Tough Day Olbas Vapors Encourage Free Breathing, Too! Olbas Herbal Bath is a delightful, therapeutic and fragrant bath liquid from Switzerland. It soothes and relaxes aching bodies as it tingles and invigorates all the body’s […]