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olbas-remediesOlbas Oil has been used in Switzerland and around the world for over 100 years. Like other botanical products, the essential oils in Olbas have a long history of use as traditional remedies to provide soothing relief. The Olbas Oil formula has inspired the development of the entire line of Olbas Remedies.


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Thanks for Making Such High-Quality Products

I am writing regarding my experience using Olbas. I had a very bad cold and Olbas Pastilles were the only brand of cough drops which provided long-lasting relief in soothing my throat. I also love that they are not too sweet, which is a problem I had with other, more weaker-flavored brands. The Inhaler is great; I love how it is small and portable yet so effective and powerful. I then purchased the Olbas aromatherapy Oil to help me breathe better. I have discovered that it is also wonderful for massage in soothing sore muscles and feet. I went to a pedicure appointment with the oil and requested that my aesthetician add the oil while my feet were soaking… it was wonderful in relieving tension in my feet and adding a wonderful tingling feeling. I am hooked on your brand! Thank you so much for making such high-quality products!

– J.P., New York, NY

Cannot Get Enough of Olbas

My husband’s Vicks inhaler needed to be replaced and when I went to CVS they didn’t have any left. But I saw the OLBAS inhaler and thought I’d get that for him. That was the beginning of our TOTAL LOVE OF OLBAS!!!! Since then I have purchased many inhalers for various family members. OLBAS TO THE RESCUE!!! When my husband showed the doctor on a follow up appointment what he was using she was amazed. It didn’t stop there though. We’ve tried Olbas massage and inhalant Oil, the Pastilles drops, the Analgesic Salve and finally the Cough Syrup. We cannot get enough of OLBAS!! Thank you for bringing us both much relief and we will continue spreading the word!!!

– M.C., Woodridge, IL

Four Generations Using Olbas

There are several reasons I love these remedies. (I’ve used them all one time or another through the years.) They are a sustainable, 100% natural alternative remedy. Free of “synthetic” remedy side effects, common sense results to personal health, with a cost effective approach naturopathic lifestyle. I am third generation with these products; my children make it fourth in our family using Olbas.

– J.C., Facebook

Olbas Helps Her Feel Better

I love Olbas because it is a wonderful product made with natural essential oils that help me feel better without resorting to synthetic medications. The oil can be used for more then one need, the cough syrup is so effective without tasting nasty & the inhaler is simply awesome! I also love the history behind Olbas.

– M.L., Facebook

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Olbas Oil Review

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