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Olbas-OilOlbas Oil originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago, and continues to be a European and worldwide favorite. The natural essential oils in Olbas are extracted from six medicinal herbs, which have been the basis of healing in cultures around the world for centuries.

Olbas 5-star reviewBest of the Best!

Best of the Best! I love this product. I use it every time we have seasonal symptoms or runny nose. Goes great into humidifier, and helps you breathe easily. Also awesome results after massaging into sore areas on skin like shoulder, neck, legs, knees, wrists, etc. I use it almost for every thing and every where. I sprinkle several drops on a napkin (or right straight on the pillowcase!) and put it aside on my pillow for the whole night, it helps me breathe clearly if I have a runny nose. You can sprinkle it right on your pillowcase for the night, after laundry it doesn’t leave any smells or residue. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to stay meds-free! Helps better than any other medication!

– Alesia, online review

Olbas 5-star reviewAddicted to Olbas Oil

I am addicted to Olbas Oil! I first discovered it when I had sinus issues over a year ago. Even though I used a Neti Pot religiously, I could not get relief…UNTIL I USED OLBAS! My students at school have even commented on how refreshing it smells when I apply it to get through the school day. I use the inhalers, salve and mostly this oil to survive my bouts of sinus issues and muscle aches.

– Gini, Savannah, GA

Olbas 5-star reviewLike Nothing Else on Earth

Olbas oil is like nothing else on Earth, literally. It’s from Switzerland and I’ve been using it for at least thirty years. I even bought it for my back when I could barely afford to eat, it’s that good. It only takes a few drops to go a long way-you then massage it into your skin. The only complaints I ever got were from guys living in the same group home who were freaked out by it’s strong smell. I’ve actually grown quite fond of the strong odor, as it signals incipient relief. If you hurt somewhere, from muscle aches, back, or whatever, it’s WELL worth a try. I would recommend one of the small bottles if you’ve never tried it; I buy the biggest bottle they sell, and it goes a long way. Also, they’ve changed the way it’s labeled, now. It used to be called simply Olbas Oil; now the same thing, in a much more user-friendly bottle, is called “Aromatherapy and Massage Oil”-it’s the same excellent product.

– Steven, St. Louis, MO

Olbas 5-star reviewMore Effective

More effective & more comfortable than any similar products ever used. It gives immediate relief & doesn’t need to be rubbed in – merely rubbed on. The aromatic response works well too, although some may find it strong.

– Riick, Online review

Olbas 5-star reviewLike Liquid Altoids on Steroids

I still swear by this stuff. I think it’s a lot better than Icy Hot etc… After you apply Oil of Olbas, cover it up it feels colddddd, un-cover HOTTTTT! Afterwards your muscles and joints will feel much better. Smell the fumes for a real kick in the head.

– V.W., Online review

Olbas 5-star reviewSkeptical at First

I was skeptical about the whole “aroma therapy” thing, but I found that this product really works. It helped my breathing really well. I liked it so much, that I am now using it in my kids room for when they have stuffy noses.

– Marcus, Northern NJ

Mother’s Ticket to a Full Night’s Sleep

As the mother to 7 young children (ages 10 and under), I can tell you there is nothing worse than a little one who cannot sleep because they can’t breathe. If you are like a growing number of mothers who resists the pharmaceuticals for children, there is a limited number of things you can do for relief. A friend recommended Olbas oil to us three kids ago, and we have never looked back. For us, it’s the ticket to a full night’s sleep. Despite stuffy noses and little coughs, we put 5 drops of Olbas oil on a thin washcloth that is laid over the steamy opening of the warm-air humidifier. Within minutes, the whole room is filled with the soothing smells of our Olbas, and uninterrupted sleep ensues. Thank you, Olbas!!

– M.L., via Email

Finally Made It To The Beach, Thanks To Olbas!

Thank you Olbas!! I recently went on what would have been a great vacation on an isolated island, but I came down with seasonal distress. This island is not some place you can easily get on and off to get medicine. I had every ache you can imagine, plus my head was stopped up and I had insect bites from the boat ride over to the island. I started popping Tylenol and trying to sleep, but with aches and a stuffy head it was impossible. One of my friends told me to try his Olbas Oil. Wow! Was I happy I did. It saved me. I put it on my achy joints, my bug bites and put drops of it in water on the stove top. Within minutes, I could breathe and so could everyone else in the house. I used it for the rest of the week.
I did finally make it out to the beach, thanks to Olbas. Your new customer for life!!

– Tracey M., via Email

Hooked On Olbas

My husband and I have both used the Olbas Salve for aches and pains and stuffy noses. We ran out so I went to my local health food store to stock up. We usually buy 3 or 4 tubes at a time. They were out of the salve so I decided to try the Olbas Oil and Inhaler. Wow! I am hooked. I put a few drops of Oil on a cloth and inhaled the vapors. A sinus head discomfort I had been battling for two days was alleviated in about 10 minutes! I have also been using the Oil on some areas of the skin and it really helps with the itch. I wish I had tried other Olbas products sooner! I will be back to pick up some more salve when the store restocks and plan to also purchase the Cough Syrup and Pastilles to keep on hand! We love Olbas! My husband rubs the salve on sore muscles then gets in a warm shower. It works much better then the stinky hot “ice” stuff.

– J.P., Jefferson City, Missouri

Cyclist Uses Olbas Oil To Maximize Performance

Maximizing clear breathing is one key way to optimize athletic performance. Absorption of oxygen, through clear breathing, stimulates muscle activity and can even prevent muscle cramping. More fundamentally, breathing well means being able to respire well, a key to effective lung function. Being able to breathe efficiently is especially critical in the case of strenuous activities such as bike racing, which combines long periods of both aerobic and anaerobic activity. In an event where seconds count, breathing efficiently can make the difference between winning or losing; and feeling strong or feeling miserable. I use Olbas Oil to clean my nasal passages to permit more effective breathing. What I do is evenly distribute five to ten drops of Olbas Oil on a cotton ball, then pull it apart into two halves. I then gently place one half into each nostril until moments prior to activity. The cotton balls should be placed in the openings of the nostrils for ten to fifteen minutes. Cotton balls should be loose enough in the nostril to allow for breathing, yet secure enough that they remain in the nostril without support. (The cotton should not be packed so densely that it prevents inhalation or exhalation through the nose). Inside the nose, the doused cotton serves to distribute the oil vapors throughout the nasal cavity. Some cyclists prefer to place a couple of drops of the oil on the terry cloth of their cycling gloves and inhale it during the activity when appropriate.

– Mark Shimahara, Racing Cyclist

Childhood Memories

Ever since I was a little girl my mom has been using the Olbas oil as a healing agent. Whenever I had seasonal discomfort or breathing issues,  she would give me an “Olbas tissue” to inhale throughout the day. The oil has worked wonders for me, and to this day it still comforts and soothes my discomforts and breathing. To me, the scent of Olbas means health and home. Thank you for providing such comfort and healing to my life through your wonderful products!

D.P., Email

She Had a Sore Knee For Weeks

I had a sore knee for a couple of weeks and after surfing the Internet ran across Olbas oil and decided to give it a try. It worked within the first day and was completely gone in 3 days. I carry it with me and have let friends and relatives take it home to try it for sore joints and they have all had the same experience. Thanks for your wonderful product.

– J.J., Email

Olbas For Little Noses

I have been using the oil for my two year old son who tends to get a stuffy nose quite frequently. I put the drop on the top of his t-shirt so no matter what position he sleeps in he gets the vapors!

– B.K., Email

Olbas For Chemical Sensitivity

I am very sensitive to any chemical smell (perfume, laundry detergent, fabric softener etc) as well as cigarette smoke etc. Without my Olbas I would be in sad shape!

– L.K., Facebook

Olbas Oil is Miraculous

My friend brought me a bottle of Olbas Oil from Switzerland and told me to use it for back discomfort, head discomfort and breathing issues. This stuff relieves almost every ache we get! It is so awesome, I use it for sore neck, back, muscles, it always works. Works great in hot water for seasonal distress too. I love it & was so happy when I could buy it online. Now I can find it in the Whole Food Stores. This stuff is miraculous. Thanks!

– D.F., Vancouver, Washington

No Other Stuffy Nose Remedy For Four Years

About four years ago, I started using Olbas Oil at bedtime to relieve frequent “stuffy nose” problems, especially in the autumn and winter. I had used various commercial pharmacy products for decades and sometimes to the point of over dosing. For the entire four years, I have never ever resorted to any other sinus remedy, and I never have a stuffy nose for any length of time. I have also found Olbas Oil helpful for mild head discomforts. I recommend Olbas Oil all the time.

– R.R., Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania

Olbas Even Helps Snoring

I started using Olbas Oil and found out that it helps tremendously. I lost sleep nightly with joint discomfort. I do not like taking pain medication so I would wake up several times during the night. After discovering this Olbas Oil, I started massaging it up and down my spine and across my neck at night before I went to bed and I found myself sleeping all through the night with a very restful sleep. It also helps my husband with his breathing which curbs the snoring. I also have several people at work using it for their joint discomforts. They will be purchasing Olbas Oil also.

– V.R., Ft.Worth,Texas

Snoring #2 – Improved Breathing… “Magic!”

My partner and I suffer from the humidity of the Virginia summers, however, we discovered OLBAS OIL at a health food store that we frequent. It has changed and improved our breathing. I do not awake as often and my partner does not snore as much. We simply shake a few drops in our hands and rub our hands together and inhale…magic I tell you, magic! We are sold and will forever keep a bottle at our bedside table.

– S.F., Virginia

Olbas On Broadway

My husband and I have lived and performed in Broadway musicals in New York and Europe for over 18 years. As dancers and singers we always used the Olbas Oil on our muscles and as an inhalant to keep our voices clear and moist. (It’s great having an all natural product with no side effects) I am so excited that there is distribution of this wonderful product here now in the USA. Yours truly,

Renee, New York, NY

Great For Stuffed Up Nose From Hot Air Heating

A few years ago I found Olbas Oil in a pharmacy while visiting Los Angeles….had sinus problems after flying in from NJ. I slept with tissue sprinkled with Olbas and massaged some on my temples and was amazed at how well I felt when I awoke! I’ve used it ever since and take it with me whenever I travel. Great for stuffed up nose from forced hot air heating, too!

– P.D., via Email

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