Olbas Inhaler Reviews

Natural Olbas vapors provide a pleasant, refreshing, and cooling sensation to your nasal passages.

Especially beneficial during times of seasonal discomfort, low humidity and other unwelcome nasal encounters.

Fast-acting, penetrating vapors provide an immediate, fresh, clean feeling in the nose, sinuses and lungs.

Olbas 5-star reviewLove This Product

Been using this for some time now. I’ve always had bad breathing problems, and I love this product. Realistically, no minty menthol vapors are going to remove congestion, but this does tend to open the passages a bit and make you feel like you can breathe more deeply. It also gives you a nice little alertness jolt, I find myself using it all the time as a non-addictive stimulant. 🙂 The package says that the vapors last 3 months after opening but I’ve found it lasts considerably longer if you keep it shut tight. Excellent and highly recommended.

– J.G., online review

Olbas 5-star reviewBreathing Easy

This stuff is amazing. I have always used Vicks inhalers, but this last time I used it, it burned my nose and was very uncomfortable. I don’t put a lot of stock in herbal remedies, but I picked this up while I was in Whole Foods, and this stuff is really great. It doesn’t burn and actually feels very good.

– Eric, online review

Olbas 5-star reviewFeel the Cooling Sensation

Love it! I will buy another. I like the refreshing coolness of the menthol and peppermint oil. I find it comforting to use during “head discomfort” attacks and generally during the day to feel nasally refreshed. It states it lasts three months. I think it may last longer depending on frequency of use. It’s easy and quick to use. Just hold it in your nostrils and inhale deeply through the nose and feel the cooling sensation.

– Brittany, Pittsburgh, PA

Olbas 5-star review
Best Nasal Inhaler Ever!

I bought this Olbas inhaler along with Neti Stiks in order to see which I liked better for my stuffiness due to “seasonal distress”. The Olbas inhalers won hands down. While the other inhalers tended to be harsh and had a strong menthol scent, the Olbas did the job without leaving my sinuses feeling ravaged and have a very pleasant peppermint smell to them. Don’t get me wrong, the Olbas are strong, but they don’t leave your sensitive sinus tissue feeling dried out and almost burned like the Neti Stiks do. I’m purchasing more for family and friends, these are really great to have around.

– W.S., Kilgore, Texas

Olbas 5-star review
No Banned Substances!

This is great! I purchased it after finding out the Tour de France riders use it prior to their rides (no banned substances in it). It really does open up the airways quickly, and I’ve stopped using my Rx nasal spray altogether! I will purchase this again without hesitation!

– Online reviewer

Olbas 5-star review
Breathing Better

Definitely worth it, this product is so much better than the Vicks inhaler. The smell is much nicer and I find it brings down the “discomfort” in my nose so i can breathe. I use it to open things up before I use the neti pot, and I am nervous and sometimes feel like I can’t breathe and this works great for giving me the feeling like I can breathe better. I would love to try all of the Olbas products. I have cut my medication usage in half!

– Top 1000 Online reviewer

Loves Olbas Inhalers

I absolutely love Olbas inhalers because they provide such fast relief for any problem related to breathing! When I start to sniffle, I reach for my Olbas inhaler and soon after, I’m smiling because it helps THAT quickly!

S.H., Facebook

Sense of Smell

I haven’t been able to smell anything since late 2014. I woman at Jungle Jim’s International Market’s “Herb ´N Jungle” section recommended the Inhaler. Suddenly I could feel my sinuses tingling. The first time in nearly two years! Thank You! You have a new customer and we will definitely recommend you to others! I look forward to trying more of your products.

B.T., Facebook

Uses When Traveling

I always have my Olbas inhaler when I travel! It gives me clear breathing in stuffy hotel rooms. I also love the Olbas oil and use in my foot lotion for increased foot circulation.

B.M., Facebook

Uses Inhaler More in Spring and When Run Down

I just use your Inhaler a tad extra during the spring and anytime I feel a bit run down at night I add some Olbas oil to my temples and forehead and make myself some Olbas Herbal Tea and get a good night’s sleep.

B.D., Facebook

NEVER Without It

I haven’t been ‘sick’, (knock on wood) but any time I have a hint of sinus pressure or ‘nose trouble’ like I did today (“the sniffles”) my Olbas inhaler comes in to save the day! ^_^ Opens my nose/lungs and just makes me feel so much more clear. I am NEVER without it! Dry, scratchy throat from the cold weather has also been saved by Olbas cough drops! Hooray!

S.H., Facebook


I LOVE YOUR INHALER!!! I used to use Vicks, but then I saw yours at Wild Oats and I am hooked!!! I also got your cough syrup…

– L.I., via Email

Did I Have A Life Before Olbas?

I am 49 years old and have suffered with sinus and breathing problems all my life. It is so bad I can’t work for 2-3 days in a row some months. My massage therapist recommended the Olbas Inhaler to me and I tried that for a couple of weeks. Now I recently purchased the Olbas oil and cough drops from you. I can’t thank-you enough. I even sprinkle my pillows with it. I haven’t missed work since I’ve tried Olbas. I carry my inhaler and the oil with me everywhere and everyone gets my Olbas speech if they complain to me about sinus discomfort or achy muscles.

– D. A., Kitchener-Canada

Why Did I Wait So Long?

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. For the longest time, I have had issues with seasonal discomfort and I disliked using over-the-counter products to keep my sinuses clear. Those products always made me feel so tired and groggy. Two months ago, I ordered your sample pack and that is the moment my life was changed!!! Why did I wait so long to try natural products to solve my problems?? I started using your Inhaler and now I carry it with me everywhere- your Inhaler helped to clean my sinuses and now my head discomforts are nonexistent. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me breathe better and I am so HAPPY I found your products. Keep up the wonderful (and natural) work! Cheers!

– K.B., Long Beach, CA


I keep Olbas Inhaler in my pocket, one in my purse & one on my nightstand at all times. LOVE LOVE LOVE UM. And I tell my friends about all the Olbas products. 🙂

– M.B., Facebook

Olbas For Teenagers

I have two teenage daughters and it is great to have a product that they can use when they are stuffy and not have to worry about the side effects of over the counter nasal sprays.

– S.M., Facebook

Life Savers

I carry inhalers in my purse… I give them as gifts… they are all over my house…life savers.”

– D.Z., Facebook

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