Olbas Sugar-Free Black Currant Lozenges Reviews

Olbas Sugar-Free Black Currant Lozenges give you maximum strength cough suppressant action and provide powerful vapors.

Really Work Great!

Thanks, Olbas, for the new Sugar-free Lozenges! They are almost as strong as the Olbas Pastilles. But they taste MUCH better. I like that they are made without sugar. The packaging is great too – the cards are easy to slip into my shirt pocket, and there is no sugar mess like with the Pastilles. They really work great, too!


Happy Customer

Hi, I am just a happy customer who wants to say thank you for your sugar free lozenges. When I’m ill, I don’t want sugar, and your lozenges taste great and are effective. In fact, when I have trouble sleeping due to a cough the only thing that really helps is keeping a lozenge in my cheek so it’s available to suck on periodically when I need to cough. So, I’m very glad I discovered your product several years back at Rainbow Acres, and wish you great success.

Los Angeles, CA

Quality Product!

I have very much so enjoyed your products! They have been far better than anything else I can find out there regarding the more natural cold/cough relief! For years, I couldn’t find lozenges/cough drops that were free from “junk” and didn’t contain sugar. Especially since sugar not only makes the immune system more suppressed, but makes the symptoms worse! So thank you for providing quality products! I finally feel like I have a company I can suggest to my chiropractic patients that is in-line with my personal philosophy.


The Only Brand I Buy

I just wanted to let you know that I love your product (the black currant lozenge) and I recommend it to my friends, coworkers, and even patients where I work. Today, a woman came in with a cold and I gave her one of my lozenges. Then someone else saw that I gave her one and tried one and he loved it, too! The woman wrote down the name of the product so that she could go buy some. It’s the only brand of cough drops/lozenges I buy or recommend. Keep up the great work and have a great day!

Fargo, ND

Stops Cough Immediately

This cough drops stopped my and my husbands cough immediately. They are in a package that has a push through to open on a sheet of several drops. I can drop them into my purse and they stay clean and easy to access, with no wrapping paper to throw away if you are in public with no place to toss trash. We really like them and recommend them highly.

El Segundo, CA

Don’t Bother My Allergies

I have been using these lozenges for years now and find that they sooth your throat and calm your cough quickly (well before the lozenge is gone). The menthol also helps open up and clear up your sinuses, which is an added bonus if you’re stuffed up. The biggest value I see in these is that they are sugar free and for me, allergen free. I have a very sensitive system and several food allergies, many of which can be hidden within other ingredients and therefore difficult to find. These are really clean in terms of ingredients and do not bother my allergies at all.


Awesome Cooling Effect

Finally found a cough drop that is “sugar free” without being flavored with honey, or agave. These lozenges, although a bit more expensive than the generic store brand are well worth the extra cost. I like knowing what I am ingesting, and knowing that I am not ingesting tons of additives or sugar is great. The taste is normal menthol and I actually like them – they have an awesome cooling affect on my throat which helps if my throat is dry or just sore from a cold. I like being able to take this knowing there is vitamin C in them too!

Waukesha, WI

Highly Recommended!

I love these Cough Drops! They work great, soothe my throat and stop the cough. They have a strong, but pleasant taste. You can really taste the black currant which I love. They have the highest Menthol content from all the cough drops that I found. Good product! Highly recommended!

Philadelphia, PA