Melaleuca Leucadendron

The essential oil of Cajeput is distilled from the fresh leaves and twigs of the Cajeput tree. It has a slightly medicinal aroma that is reminiscent of camphor and eucalyptus oils.

In Southeast Asia, the Cajeput tree grows abundantly. The people of Vietnam and surrounding countries highly regard Cajeput as a traditional remedy. It is known in their healing culture primarily for its use for muscular and joint discomforts. It is also used for promoting healthy skin, as well as for its benefits to the throat, sinus and respiratory tract.

As an aromatherapy agent, Cajeput oil stimulates the mind and Cajeput Treepromotes clear thinking.

The Cajeput tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia, and grows in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Java, and the tropical regions of Australia. It is related to the Melaleuca species, and is also known as White Tea Tree, White Tree, and Swamp Tea Tree.

Cajeput essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the fresh leaves and twigs from this tall evergreen tree, which grows up to 30 meters high. It has thick, pointed leaves, white flowers, and a flexible trunk with whitish spongy bark, hence the Malaysian name ‘caju-puti’ or white wood.