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Switzerland has many natural resources, among them the rich variety of flora that grows in the lush valleys, by the crystal clear lakes and in the pristine mountains. Given such an abundance of medicinal plants, it is not surprising that Swiss herbalists and botanists are renowned throughout the world for their skill in using natural herbal oils and essences to promote wellbeing.

Olbas is a remedy that has been carefully developed from this wealth of experience and knowledge.

Olbas Aromatherapy Oil

It was here in Switzerland, over 100 years ago, that these herbalists and botanists developed a blend of pure essentials oils that came to be known as Olbas Oil. The name OLBAS is an acronym for Oleum Basileum, “Oil from Basle”. Basle is nestled on the border of Switzerland, Germany and France in the very heart of Europe, and to this day is a center of pharmaceutical research in Switzerland.

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Olbas Inhaler - Power to Breathe, Naturally!

Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler

The fast-acting, penetrating vapors of the Olbas Inhaler provide an immediate, fresh, clean feeling in the nose, sinuses and lungs. It is especially beneficial during times of seasonal discomfort, low humidity and other unwelcome nasal encounters. And best of all, Olbas Inhaler is non-habit forming.

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User Reviews: Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler Reviews

Find out more about Olbas Aromatherapy Oil

User Reviews: Olbas Aromatherapy Oil Reviews

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