Your inhalers are incredible, if not addicting. The Olbas bubble bath has soothed many an aching muscle, and I’ve had quite a few after ten years of Martial Arts study. But this past weekend gave me a level of appreciation for your products that, in my 40 years of life, is unparalleled. I was sick… really sick. I felt like a bus hit me. I was taking over-the counter cold medication and NOTHING was working. I was losing my voice to a sore throat. And then along came you and the Olbas Pastilles. Amazing. When nothing else would relieve my coughing – they did. As far as my sore throat, I have NEVER had anything take away the pain immediately and COMPLETELY the way they did. PS. I have given others here who are sick the Pastilles. Same result. Thanks again!

Leesport, PA