Thank you Olbas!! I recently went on what would have been a great vacation on an isolated island, but I came down with seasonal distress. This island is not some place you can easily get on and off to get medicine. I had every ache you can imagine, plus my head was stopped up and I had insect bites from the boat ride over to the island. I started popping Tylenol and trying to sleep, but with aches and a stuffy head it was impossible. One of my friends told me to try his Olbas Oil. Wow! Was I happy I did. It saved me. I put it on my achy joints, my bug bites and put drops of it in water on the stove top. Within minutes, I could breathe and so could everyone else in the house. I used it for the rest of the week.
I did finally make it out to the beach, thanks to Olbas. Your new customer for life!!