I have had a nasty night cough that keeps me awake. It’s dry and leads to hacking attacks. I tried the usual Maximum Strength suppressants that contain the same few active ingredients that most of major players do and it didn’t stop my coughing. I tried cough drops and they didn’t work. Desperate, I was checking out every bottle in my local store and came across Olbas. I liked that it’s truly all-natural and didn’t have some of the questionable ingredients that I found listed on many of the Homeopathic products. But would it work? Would it taste terrible? I tried it for the first time last night. As usual, my cough started right before my bedtime. I took the recommend dosage, 2 teaspoons (states to do that every two hours). Right off, instead of it tasting like a liquefied menthol cough drop which is how I imagined it, I noticed it tasted REALLY good, probably due to the addition of honey (there is no sucrose or fake sweeteners). Second, I noticed that there was some immediate relief to my dry scratchy throat. That’s all good news but would it stop my cough, even if just for two hours? I didn’t wake up until four hours later because I began coughing. Up until that point it has worked well beyond the two hours! Awesome! I had it on my nightstand and took another two teaspoons and that silenced my coughing for the rest of the night! I am really happy I found this cough syrup!