A couple of weeks ago I had a double hernia operation. Great fun. Well, I also picked up a cough which darn near wrecked me. Went to my health store, in Michigan City, IN. They suggested I try Olbas Pastilles cough drops. Before I go any further with this tale I would like to add I’m a pretty tough sell. At 84 yrs of age I’m still loving and running a business. As I related to her about my cough she suggested I try this product. At the low price I just figured it couldn’t be worth much. Took the 1st one. Nothing. Took the 2nd one and glory be the cough STOPPED. Made me feel I should buy the company. Coughed once or twice since then. Rarely do I write a note like this but I didn’t want to let this moment pass. I feel this product is great. Thanks.

Michigan City, IN