Fallen in Love With 6 Olbas Remedies

I’ve fallen in love with six (6th) of your Olbas Remedies: Oil,Inhaler,Pastilles,Cough Syrup, Herbal Bath and Herbal Tea ☕️. I love all six, I’m thankful I’ve used all six and the benefits are great for me. MarionChicago, IL


Your inhalers are incredible, if not addicting. The Olbas bubble bath has soothed many an aching muscle, and I’ve had quite a few after ten years of Martial Arts study. But this past weekend gave me a level of appreciation for your products that, in my 40 years of life, is unparalleled. I was sick… […]

Work Like No Other

I first discovered Olbas Pastilles in a health food store here in Houston, Texas, about 25 years ago, and have used them ever since. People near me sometimes notice the aroma, and some people I have given one to don’t like the strong flavor, but they work like no other cough drop. I always carry […]

Your Forever Customer

Olbas the best remedy ever. I often have severe coughing spells and cold symptoms. Olbas Pastilles work better than drugstore remedies! I don’t think the broad American people know about Olbas. Olbas is a million times better than Ricola! Due to your excellent product I did not have to visit my doctor and take drugstore […]

Great for Sore Throat

Great for sore throat, tired voice, or as a long lasting breath mint. I’ve been using OLBAS since 1980. I visited the facility once & it was spotless. Technicians wear hair nets, gloves & white lab coats! Very impressive quality standards. The family who owns it is down to earth with years of experience. The […]

Really Works!

The best …. These are not candy cough drops and if that is what you want these are not for you. BUT if you want one that REALLY WORKS these are it. There is not garbage in them they are perfect for people with breathing issues and need relief!!!! I LOVE these and they are […]

Pack a Punch!

WOW. These pack a punch. If it has a stimulating, menthol, or menthol-like component, it’s in here. They are quite small and not hard like candy; that is one of the things I like about them. If I were ill, these would be fantastic for clearing the sinuses. The flavor is a bit potent and […]

This is Great

A couple of weeks ago I had a double hernia operation. Great fun. Well, I also picked up a cough which darn near wrecked me. Went to my health store, in Michigan City, IN. They suggested I try Olbas Pastilles cough drops. Before I go any further with this tale I would like to add […]

Carry With Me Everywhere

I am 49 years old and have suffered with sinus and breathing problems all my life.I have tried every prescription and non perscription drug available. I have sinus pain so bad I can’t work for 2-3 days in a row some months. My massage therapist recommended the Olbas inhaler to me and I tried that […]